How to download and analyze your Strava activities using Strava’s API and Pandas

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Using the Strava API to analyze your activities.

I started using Strava last summer to track my runs and bike rides. I noticed that the app offered advanced analytics on my activities, but only if I paid to upgrade. I don’t like paying for things. …

Strategies for switching into a product management role when you don’t fit the cookie cutter qualifications.

Getting into product when you’ve already started your career

Product management requires, above anything else, good judgment. People who have that quality exist everywhere. Getting a computer science degree or starting in an associate product management role right out of college is not…

Why product management interviews don’t filter for real product skills.

Interviews for product management jobs select for smart people, but not good product managers.

Almost all PM interviews ask the candidate to walk through a product case. …

Use these five questions to help you strategically automate reports, monitoring, and analytics.

At its best, being an analyst makes me feel like a scientist uncovering new truths. There are few other jobs in which you can so often discover a fact that no one else knows. But, being an analyst can also mean managing a lot of repetitive reports and monitoring. …

A Chrome homepage that helps me see the bright side.

Sometimes at the end of a long day or a busy week, I feel drained and unsatisfied. It feels like I wasn’t there for any of it. Conversely, I’m happiest when I take time to appreciate all the little things.

Why every year feels a little faster

This year flew by.

A few days ago, I was talking to my parents on the phone and shared that thought. They responded, in unison, “they only get faster.”

Intuitively, this is valid. I’ve seen examples over and over again in my own…

Interviews are messy. Use this expert’s structure for better results.

If I had one hour to teach a complete beginner how to do user interviews, I’d point them to a talk from Cindy Alvarez. A principle group product manager at Microsoft and the author of Lean Customer Development, Cindy is full of insights. I recently had the chance to watch…

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ML Product Manager. I write about product, tech, and data. Twitter: @matt_ambrogi

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